Chord Charts

Welcome! In response to the inaccuracy of the popular chord sites and the need for quality transcriptions of popular songs for the practicing musician, I'm introducing a new page, FREE guitar chord charts - of all styles and levels. Printable/downloadable PDFs! I'll be adding more songs periodically. Any requests?

Tom Dooley Tom Dooley, Folk tune by the Kingston Trio - a good one for beginners as there are just two chords! 228 KB
Bad Moon Rising CCR 57.7 KB
Country Roads John Denver classic. It's easiest with 2nd fret capo 59.2 KB
Behind Blue Eyes the Who 92.9 KB
Eleanor Rigby Beatles. Beginner level 68.2 KB
All of Me John Legend Beginner-Intermediate 162 KB
Obla-Di Beatles. Beginner level 162 KB
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond 74.3 KB
Take it Easy Eagles 35.9 KB
Candle in the Wind Elton John 104 KB
Let There Be Peace On Earth popular inspirational song feat. Vince Gill... the only correct version available! 107 KB
Your Song Elton John. Intermediate/Advanced 72.3 KB
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. Includes Tabs and chords 177 KB
Drive the Cars 60.1 KB
Losing My Religion REM 143 KB
Logical Supertramp 139 KB
Every Breath You Take the Police/Sting. Two options 92.2 KB
Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton. Intermediate/Advanced 142 KB
Careless Whispers Use these tabs to play the sax melody on guitar 88.2 KB
Hard Day's Night Includes the mysterious intro chord! 152 KB
Norwegian Wood Chords plus easy-to-use tab 83.8 KB
Sweet Child O' Mine Accurate tab for the main lick only 99.7 KB
Back in Black Accurate and clear tab for the intro lick only 118 KB
Sara Jefferson Starship, 3rd fret capo 63.6 KB
Wanted Dead or Alive Includes chords & tabs 90.1 KB
Lady In Red Chris DeBurgh 62.5 KB
Every Breath You Take Sting 94.7 KB
Hello Lionel Ritchie 57.6 KB
Dandelion Rolling Stones 87.2 KB
Feel Like Makin' Love Bad Company 66.1 KB